So Good We Had to Share

21 Sep So Good We Had to Share

Integrative Oral Medicine isn’t just the name of our practice, it also describes our unique approach to dentistry. Oral systemic health is a concept that is reshaping expectations for dentists around the world, and the big winner, is you.

A properly trained dentist and their team can do far more for their patients than just create great smiles. Oral conditions that can be found during an enhanced dental exam can provide insights and clues on broader health issues affecting a patient. Over the past 5 years, Dr. Thompson and his team have been pioneering a process to promote total body wellness and developing tools that we use with patients every day.

This process and these tools are so important that we couldn’t keep them to ourselves. So in 2016, we launched the Wellness Dentistry Network; a community of like-minded dentists and other health care providers. We’re teaching our members a new way of interacting with their patients, and with medical providers in their community. We’re showing dentists around the world how they can play a bigger role in their patients health; changing, and yes, even saving lives.

9 months since launch, the Wellness Dentistry Network currently includes 85 practices from 4 countries, 17 states, and 4 provinces – with many more to come.

If interested in learning more, click on the logo below. And know that by choosing the team at Integrative Oral Medicine, you’re getting cared for by a practice that is on the cutting edge of dentistry, who is also taking the time to help other practices and patients benefit from what we know.