Can a Dentist do More?

6 Jun Can a Dentist do More?

When you think about a trip to the dentist you typically think of crowns, filings, cleanings, braces, or other routine dental services. But today, some progressive dentists are spending time learning, and informing their patients about how mouth conditions affect overall health. Many conditions, or things a properly trained dentist and team can recognize through a more comprehensive exam, can contribute to excess inflammation that can negatively affect your health. Dentists are now learning about what is known as oral systemic health. This new and exciting approach to dentistry is being recognized all over the world, and patients are beginning to benefit from increased longevity and vitality.

As a patient at Integrative Oral Medicine, you’ve found a practice that believes they can and should do more for their patients by learning and networking with other like-minded providers is in your best interest.

For more information on our role in making this new form of dentistry available for all, read “So Good We Had to Share“.