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“This Dental office, staff and Dentists have always been responsive, caring and efficient. I’ve received the most up to date treatments that keeps my mouth health in top shape. I actually look forward to my dental visits with Dr. Thompson.”

  – Arline B. (Orchard Lake)

“As a former dental technician and one of his crown-and-bridge and periodontal patients, I believe Dr. Thompson offers the highest level of dentistry — meticulous skillset, conservative recommendations for treatment, yet having available the most advanced materials and procedures when appropriate. Likewise, his staff is friendly, efficient and prompt, making my visits to his office always low-stress and exceeding expectations.”

  – Michael G. (Twin Lakes)

“I was so impressed by Dr. Thompson’s depth of oral health knowledge as it relates to my overall health and wellbeing. Truly, Dr. Thompson has taken dentistry to a new level. Pleasant, professional staff using (what appeared to me to be) the most modern equipment. Ample time was allowed for a complete oral examination followed by the finest cleaning I can recall ever having received. I  highly advise Dr. Thompson.”

  – Fred C. (Roseville)

“Thank you Dr. Thompson, for your continued insistence that I get tested for sleep apnea.  Now that I have my CPAP machines I am in awe of how good my body feels.  I never thought that I could ever feel this good again. Arthritis, plantar fasciitis aches & pain are all gone.”

  – Dave R.

“Dr. Doug Thompson merits praise for his depth of knowledge and compassionate guidance. I was fortunate to be referred to him when no other doctor (of any type) could determine the cause or source of my phantosmia (“phantom” odors).  I filled out the paperwork that was required before my first appointment and was impressed to see how well he’d studied my situation before we met.  It seems as though that would be standard practice but frankly it is rare nowadays. Dr. Thompson is clearly an exception and an exceptional doctor at that. After a thorough examination he zeroed in on his diagnosis and the solution he felt was best for me. That was almost one year ago and his theories and solution proved to be on the mark. Over the course of my treatment this past year Dr. Thompson has always shown a great deal of empathy and concern for my situation. I never felt he was looking to sell me on anything – only help me with everything. I highly recommend him to anyone who is searching for a doctor who understands that no ‘body’ is an island. The treatment at Integrative Oral Medicine realizes that overall wellness requires a comprehensive approach that considers the entire body. Bravo!”

  – Susan P. (Royal Oak)

Dr. Thompson is a proud Graduate, Clinical Instructor and Faculty member of the prestigious Kois Center.


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